April 12, 2013

Hey Viewers!

Here a recap of the last video: physical health is good for you overall health and happiness, every body is different, get a workout schedule, thirty minutes three times a week, and be active. Simple!
Anyway, I said I would talk to you about activities you can do to keep yourself active and fit. One of my favorites is Pilates. Pilates works all of you muscles, elevates your heart rate and flexibility. Another word for Pilates is "contrology". The inventor of Pilates preferred this name for it because Pilates focus of the control of you body and muscle. Because I am not a Pilates instructor I can't tell you how to do it but I can supply you with the following sources:
Also, I do suggest using YouTube as a source for finding good Pilates work outs.
Another way you can be active is by participating in a sports team or getting a group of friends together to play a game of soccer or ultimate frisbee. Anything to get your heart rate up. My momma used to tell me sweat once a day. And what a better way to sweat than with your friends.
Other thing you may want research are yoga, crossfit, swimming, hiking, and interval training. All of there types of exercises are very do-able here in Arizona. Arizona has many great hiking places. Like Camelback mountain, Suaguaro Lake, Squaw Peak, Pinnical Peak, and so many more. Here are some hiking blogs for you to check out:
Anyway, that's all I've got for you. Enjoy your work it. And remember to stay healthy and break those bad habits.

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